Roles node missing

I have SQL Navigator 4.5.

I have two machines.

Machine 1 has the following extra nodes compared to maching 2: Roles, Profiles, Roleback Segments, Redo Log Groups

Machine 2 has following nodes: Session Privledges, Enabled Roles, Resource Limits, TableSpace Quotas, Free Space, My Schema, Users, Tablespaces, Current Instance, Recycle Bin.

I want to see Roles, Profiles on both machines. How do you customize the nodes that are visible.

Under View->Visual Object Editor->Role Editor is disabled on Machine 2. How do I get this enabled and visible on Machine 2???

Machine 1 / Machine 2 have the same install (corporate Conoco Phillips install) and are using the same database / user ID so why can I not see Roles form machine 2???

Hi Dale

It sounds like you may have inconsistent enabled/disabled DBA options betwen the 2 machines.

Can you please verify that the DBA option in the preference is set the same:
Preferences \ Session\ Enable using DBA Dictionary Views

Also you can expand the Options in the Logon window, and ensure that the ‘Enable using DBA Views’ is the same on both machines.

From the issue, you describe it may be that one of the DBA options is turned off on Machine2, while it not on Machine 1.