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Running TOAD 11 on Remote Desktop Services (Terminal Services)


I’m trying to set up a windows 2008 r2 terminal server to allow a group of us to connect and run toad.

It seemed to install without any issue and did run but now I find that when I click to run Toad it just appears in the task manager taking a lot of cpu but it never appears on the desktop.

Has anybody experience of running Toad successfully in a terminal server environment?



What version of Toad? If you are on Toad 11, you can stop reading.

There was a bug in 10.6 and earlier on some machines where the allow only one copy of Toad option was causing behavior like this. To see if you are also seeing this do the following (in case you haven’t tried) kill all Toad processes in task manager and try to start Toad once more. If this doesn’t do it then you are likely seeing something else.

We’re running version 11.

We also get the same problem with Toad Data Manager but not with Spotlight or Toad for Data Analysts.