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Toad 11 will not startup


I have been using Toad 11 on my computer for years, but all of the sudden I cannot get it to startup. It shows that it is running in the Task Manager (with minimal memory being used), but I never even see the Toad splash screen (or hear its accompanying “croak”).

I am using a Windows 7 Enterprise laptop (x64).

Toad is installed in C:\Quest\Toad for Oracle 11.

My Oracle client is installed in C:\oracle\product\11.2.0.

I have removed and reinstalled Toad multiple times to try to correct the issue. I have also restarted my laptop multiple times, with no luck.

I also have removed the C:\Users…\AppData\Roaming\Quest Software directory, as suggested in another post.

Do you have any recommendations, or could you tell me where I could find the logs so that I could attempt to troubleshoot this further?

Thank you.

Did your company recently implement any additional security applications/filters? McAfee has been known to cause Toad to have issues in the past and needs to be “whitelisted” for some firewall/malware tools.