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Cannot start Toad

Toad (10.6.1) will not start up. The process sometimes briefly appears in Task Manager, butthen quits. No error message. It was working fine last week. No changeswere made to the computer since then.

I have uninstalled it completely - the Program Files folder, the App Data\Roaming folder, the Windows Registry entries were all removed. The computer was restarted. I reinstalled Toad, rebooted and tried again andgot the same thing. I have tried changing the compatibility settings aswell, also running as Administrator.

This is a corporate owned computer, I cannot disable or uninstall the firewall or virus scanner, or reload my user profile.

Environment information.

  • Operating System and SP (Service Pack) version – Windows 7 Professional 32-bit, Service Pack 1
  • Oracle client version – 11.2.0
  • Oracle server version – Various, Toad is used to connect to customers’ remote servers
  • Toad version – Toad DBA Suite for Oracle 10.6.1 Commercial