"Save Comparison" not showing when using Compare Wizard on Remote Desktop

"Save Comparison" not showing when using Compare Wizard on Remote Desktop. Does anyone know why that would be? I believe my company is using TOAD Data Point 5.4.

Only "Back" "Compare" and "Cancel" show as options. When my colleague runs this on her laptop the same thing happens. However, if she attaches a second monitor and has TOAD open on that screen instead (via Remote Desktop) the option appears. Is there a setting block on the laptop screen?

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To give context for other readers, I snapped a capture (first one) below of the Data Compare wizard panel that I think you're referring to. Let us know if not.

To clarify, are you saying that RDPing from a laptop to TDP residing on another server creates this effect (the missing Save button), but then swiping the RDP screen to another monitor allows TDP to render the button correctly?

I'm not aware of any setting (e.g. at the product options level or monitor/screen level) that would cause the Save Comparison button to appear/disappear, especially if it's happening on one screen but not another screen. Also, I cannot seem to replicate, at least with my RDP set up.

Can you outline the steps required to duplicate the effect?

Meanwhile, there are alternate methods to Save the comparison, other than via the Wizard dialog, that you might find helpful. After hitting the Compare button to complete your data comparison, you can use one of the following means to save your profile...

  • File->Save off the main menu bar
  • Shortcut key Ctl-S,
  • Right-click->Save off the Data Compare doc tab, per second screen capture below.
    Any one of these options does the same thing as the Save Comparison button within the Compare wizard, which is to save a .DCP file (Data Compare Profile) for your comparison.

Hope this helps.
Lastly, you may want to see if this issue goes away in the latest 5.6 TDP release?

I'm working on RDP server and my first thought : you should verify default folders in TDP options and check if you have sufficient rights to write on the server hosting TDP with your admins.

Hope this help