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Good day,
I have customized the theme that I use in toad 16.1 and I would like to know how I can save it and restore it in the new version 16.2?

Could you tell me how to do it please?

Toad 16.1

Hi Carlos,

The new version should import all of your settings from the previous, but if it does not (or if you want to take precautions)

  1. in old version, go to Utilities -> Copy User Settings. Use that window to export settings to a zip file.

  2. in new version, if settings did not come across automatically, go to the same window, then import the settings.

Hi John

It doesn't.
I already tried it and I get the same error.

Tell you that in version 16.1 I have customized colors, fonts, etc.

toad-v162--error.txt (83.4 KB)


Checking, I see that the file ProjectConfig.txt contains the value:
FontName, "Segoe UI"

Change that value to the value of the version 16.1 file

Then I go to export (go to Utilities -> Copy User Settings. Use that window to export settings to a zip file.) and the same error follows, I see that it returns the FontName value, "Segoe UI"

We have some code that changes the font from Tahoma to Segoe UI in that file when Toad 16.2 starts and the fonts have not been updated yet. It should have changed to "Segoe UI" (with the quotes). It is the lack of quotes that causes the problem.

I have your user files and it looks like you don't use the project manager. You can just close it with the X and then you won't get the error. Or you can edit ProjectConfig.txt and change Segoe UI to "Segoe UI".

This has been fixed for the next beta.

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Today it happened to me again with a new workspace that I created the day before...
but still, on Monday I will download the beta version ... hopefully it will be resolved.

Thanks John!