ERROR update toad 16.2

Good day

Error in ProjectConfig.txt, options section, 2 fields required in line: FontName,Segoe UI.

Tell them that, today, after updating from version 16.1 to 16.2; I closed everything and opened the new version 16.2 and I got the following error:

toad-v162--error.txt (83.4 KB)

If you use the project manager in Toad, please send me your ProjectConfig.txt file. There is probably a small change that can be made to it to fix.

If you don't use the project manager, you can probably just rename that file to fix.

Please let me know.



If I use it, I attach the version 16.2 file
ProjectConfig.txt (5.1 KB)

In that file, you have a line like:

FontName,"Segoe UI"


FontName,Segoe UI.

Delete that line and try Toad again.


Follow the same error:

Do the following:

1.- Close Toad
2.- Open the file "ProjectConfig.txt" (C:\Users\xxxx\AppData\Roaming\Quest Software\Toad for Oracle\16.2\User Files)
3.- Delete the line => FontName,"Segoe UI"
4.- Open Toad 16.2
5.- Utilities / Copy User Settings / Copy user files from a previous installation / Ok
6.- Toad restarted automatically

7.- The same error appears

Well, after you did "copy user settings", Toad copied over your changes to that file when it imported the settings. Make the change again and I think you'll be OK after that.

I have done it again and the error continues to appear and the theme is not configured as it was in version 16.1

The toad 16.1 theme I had was:

I want to restore my theme from 16.1 to's a custom theme

I don't understand how you can still be getting that error in Toad 16.2 if that line is deleted.
Were all copies of Toad 16.2 closed when you deleted that line?

I think that error is preventing settings from getting loaded completely.

You may also need to do this:

  1. Close project manager in Toad 16.1
  2. Close all copies of 16.1
  3. remove that line from 16.1 settings
  4. Start 16.2 and re-import settings from 16.1.

Yes John, but to be safer I am going to restart my laptop and follow the 6 steps that I described above.

I'll let you know the results...


I restarted my laptop, followed the steps and the same error came out and it put the default theme (light), also my projects are not seen

I don't know how this can be happening. Can you zip up and email me your 16.1 user files folder?

I'll send you an email.

I sent you the email with the information, did you get it right?

Hi Carlos,

I don't have it. I checked spam folders too.


I sent it again, please check it
I think you didn't get it because it weighs more than 15mb... I sent it to you so you can download it through one drive