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How do I save my settings?

I installed Toad 12.8. I spent an hour changing around the tool bars and deep diving into the code formatter to set it up.

I exit Toad normally. None of my effort was saved anywhere.

How do I get my toolbar settings to save. I hide 90% of the default stuff at the top. As it just takes up valuable screen real estate.

Also, once I set this up for one connection, how do I then apply these settings to all my connections?

This machine also has Toad 12.5 installed as well.

Did you have more than one copy of the same version Toad running at the same time? That could cause this.

There should be no need to apply the settings to all connections. In general, settings are independent of connections.

I am having the same issue with Toad 12.7.

I can hide the toolbars that I don’t want, but when I open a new connection or close the application and come back later they are all visible again.

  1. Check Task Manager and verify that no other copies of Toad are running. Even if you don’t see Toad on the taskbar look in Task Manager to verify.

  2. If you have Dropbox sync enabled temporarily disable it to try again.