Save Font Size Into Worskpaces

As I use my laptop in different environments, with different monitors, it would be great if the saved workspace also recorded the font details (specifically the font size).

When I am working from home I have a large monitor with a high resolution, so the font size is too small and I need to increase it. When I'm using my laptop while traveling, I need a smaller font as the display doesn't use the same resolution, so needs the font size decreasing. I use the workspaces all the time for the different setups (most of our offices are hot desks, which can have different screen sizes and resolution).

Hi Graham,

I feel your pain. But I don't think font size (I assume you are talking about Options -> Editor -> Font and Syling) should be a part of workspaces. Here's why. Let's say you have a dozen workspaces, and then you decide that you want to change fonts. Then you change workspaces. Woops, you're back to the old font. Better change it there too. Except for that one workspace that you keep for "travelling" use. See what I mean?

Maybe some the ability to have multiple Font/Styling profiles would be better - unrelated to workspaces.