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Save to Excel with Headings


Is it possible to save an sql output to excel with a heading for the output and page numbers in the excel sheet usingtoad for oracle?

After you run your query, right-click in the grid and choose “Export Dataset”. That will take you to a dialog where you can export to Excel. There is nothing in there about page numbers (but maybe you can do that in Excel, I don’t know).

It sounds like you are more after a printed report. That would have page headings and page numbers. You can do that by rt-clicking and choosing “Report” from the grid. A report wizard will guide you through a basic report design, but you can make the report look however you want.

Thanks for your response. However, i am able to export in excel. What i am looking for though is to be able to export from toad in excel and include a header/report label

and page number without manipulating the excel document. If its through toad or the sql script itself.

Try the report wizard as I suggested in my first reply. You can export reports to excel and it leaves page breaks and headings on each page. Don’t worry if your columns are all squished together in the report. Once you get to excel, if you do a CTRL+A to select everything, then double-click between column headers to make them automatically resize, it will automatically resize all columns at once.

See attachment
ExportToExcelWithPageBreaks.docx (1.35 MB)

Thanks :slight_smile: It helps alot