Saved Workspace with split screen in one of the editor tabs

I have found a bug in the current version of Toad (

If I have an editor tab with a top / bottom split in it and I save this to a new Workspace, when I reopen it, I get the following errors...


Has anyone else seen this issue?

Yes, but it's been fixed in the beta, which you can get here.

Hi John,

Thanks for that.

It states in the changes that it's not recommended with clients using 21c.

Is this still the case?

Additionally, when is this beta due to be released as the latest working version?

You can use a 19 or 21c client if you want, but it leaks some memory when BLOB/CLOB are used. If you shut down Toad at the end of the day, it's probably not a big deal.

16.3 is scheduled for release in March.

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Will the memory leak be resolved by the time 16.3 is released?

It's out of our hands. This is not a Toad issue, it's an Oracle client issue.

The issue has been reported to our 3rd party Oracle connectivity vendor, and they have reported it to Oracle. You can track the issue on their forum if you want.
You may have to create an account there.

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So, it will be 16.3 and not 17.0?


Hi Russ.

The next version will be 16.3.