SB Item History not populating

Has anyone had a problem with Item History not being populated? I am using the commercial version

In my prior version, any time I navigated to a table, it would be put at the top of the Item History list.

Now, the table appears in the Item History list only rarely. I have yet to identify what causes the table to appear in the list.

I selected “Clear History” to see if this also cleared the problem. But it did not.

Make sure this option is checked: Options -> Schema Browser -> Left Hand Side ->
Restore History on Connection

If it isn’t, history will get cleared each time you end your connection.

Yes, the option is checked / selected.

The history is saved from startup to startup. Also, the history for a connection to one instance is different that the history in a connection to a different instance. This is good; different histories for different instances.

One thing that changed in 10.6 is when the history was written to the file. In
10.5 and prior, it used to be every time you changed objects in the SB. Starting
with 10.6, the history is updated in memory each time you change objects, but it
is only written to file when the SB closes or loses focus. It sounds like you
are running multiple copies of Toad. Does it work better when only one is
running? In my testing that wasn’t a problem, but maybe you have some
combination of things that I didn’t account for.

First, although I have both 10.5 and 10.6 installed, each with their own folders in C:\Users, I have only one version running at a time. For the past couple of weeks I have been running only 10.6.

Item History was not populated with the tables I have been working with this morning. I just shut down and restarted Toad. Assuming that the Item History was written to files on shutdown, history did not display the tables I have been working with this morning when Toad was restarted. It was not being populated when I switched between browsers when going from instance to instance, each with there own connections (and SBs).

OK, running separate versions should be no problem. I was just talking about
running multiple copies of the same Toad.exe.

I’m not sure offhand what’s going wrong. If you zip up your user
files folder and send it to me offline (John dot Dorlon at,
I’ll be happy to take a look at it. Go to Options -> General. The folder
specified in “Application data directory” is what I’m after.