SB - tree view not switching between spec and body

Expand package, expand Spec, expand Body, click on procedure name in Spec (rt-hand side display corresponding code), click on procedure name in Body - rt-hand side does not display Body code.

I also have an outstanding issue where double-clicking on errors under the error tab do not go to correct line in spec or body without first appropriately choosing Spec or Body node on left-hand side. Clicking on left-hand side Spec node, then double-clicking on error line for Body will go to a line in Spec (not very helpful).

1st paragraph works fine for me. If you want to send me your package, I’ll try again with that.

2nd paragraph - I can reproduce that. Looks like it’s not toggling spec/body if needed. I’ve fixed that for next beta. It doesn’t auto-expand LHS, but it will select the node if LHS is already expanded.

1st paragraph only happens when there is a compilation error.