Schedule and Email or Publish reports from TDP

We have TDP on our local clients and we work remotely.
Unfortunately, we are unable to Schedule, Email or Publish reports from TDP. The TDP users are not client administrators. Do you have any recommendations?

When you say that you cannot schedule, email or publish are you talking about scheduling locally or using Toad Intelligence Central ? and can you indicate what error you are getting?

Thanks for the reply.
We do not have TIC.

When attempting to email, we get an unknown host message. "Quest.Toad.Utils.Email.ToadMailException
SocketException occurred. InnerException message follows: No such host is known Stack Trace:
at Quest.Toad.Utils.Email.ToadSmtpClient.Send()
at Quest.WorkflowEngine.EmailSetting.SendEmailInThread()
" which I think is an error in the email server config.

The schedule errors are 222 and 999 which I am guessing is due to not being able to access windows scheduler (not administrators).

If the above are correct, would TIC provide a better solution in scheduling and report sharing?

I agree it sounds like an email config error. Have you reviewed your email settings in Toad Data Point with your IT folks?

Toad Intelligence Central is a server based product that you can connect to from Toad Data Point and use to run/schedule automation or publish datasets or workbooks to for others to have access.

If you would like a demo of Toad Intelligence Central, let me know I will help set one up for you.