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Schema Browser Controls not working when Describe Popup is open

I'm running

I have a strange issue. If you use the Describe pop up window and move it away from the main toad window - e.g to another monitor, you can click back on the schema browser and give it focus, but not everything works. I use a dropdown for the Schema Names, and I can click on the dropdown but the options will not come up and typing has no effect. Similarly clicking on objects will display the detail on the RTH, but the right click menus don't come up. Minimising the popup moves it to the bottom left of the main window, and once again everything works. Half on half off it works to a certain point then a pixel too far and the menus are not working again. Move it back a fraction and they will.
[Edit] This looks like a screen resolution issue. If I shrink the main window I can see that the dropdown is appearing off the side of the windowv in massive text.

Thanks Megan, I see that too. Unfortunately, there is not a quick fix for this.