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Toad for Oracle Odd behaviour when Opening new Schema Browser or SQL editor



There is an annoying behaviour in the new Toad version.

When you open a new window, Schema browser or SQL editor, it pops up to the left, outside the visible frame, and then extend the frame, so you have to use the bottom scroll bar to get to it.

This is not a desired behaviour. How do I get rid of it?

Best Regards

Bård Breien.


I see this happening if I have 2 monitors and I put Toad in the non-primary monitor. I’ll take a look at it.

possible workarounds: Put Toad in the other monitor or maximize your windows in Toad


It’s fixed for today’s beta.


Thanks… I will download the lates version, if it’s available…

And you are right. Just happens in the secondary monitor.