Toad 13.1.0 Schema Browser RHS shows wrong object


if you change the object (table) too fast in the Schema Browser on the left side, the update hangs on the right side. The second last object is displayed.

It makes no difference whether Treeview or Dropdown is used.

Curious… what happens when you press Refresh Right-Hand-Side, or Refresh All? Do they get you back on track?

which tab is select on the right as you are moving around on the left?

No, a refresh refreshes the "wrong" table. It just seems like the list view on the left and the detail view on the right got out of sync. On the right is says table "A", while in the list view table "B" is selected.

The "data" tab. And I can switch tabs and always get data / information displayed for the same table, but as soon as I click on "script", the table right below the button bar on the right (where it says <table_name>: Created: LastDDL: ) changes to the one selected on the left and I get the script for that table.

I've been trying to reproduce this one it to happen once out of about 100 tries. if you have any tips on how to make it more likely to happen, please let me know.

I've tried on fast connections, slow connections, different click speeds on the left side...can't figure out the trick to make it happen consistently. How often does this happen for you?

It happens relatively often. Mostly when I want to click on a table, but because I'm too fast, just click next to it. :slight_smile: Then I quickly click on the correct table and the right side is not updated.

The database connection is fast, I think, because the client runs on a Windows 7 VM on a Mac Book Pro, which also runs a Linux VM with the DB server. However, it also happens with connections to databases in the data center, which is located in another town. So I don't think the speed of the connection is relevant.

If I switch the Schema Browser to TreeView, then the problem can be reproduced quite well with the cursor keys:
Table A is marked on the left and visible on the right. Then press the key Cursor up and after about 0.25 - 0.5 seconds (estimated) the key "Cursor down".
Table A is then selected again in the tree view, but table B is displayed on the right.

I can provide you with a five-second screen recording, if that helps.

Hi Dirk,

Will you check in the beta and see if it still happens there? If it does, yes, a screen recording might help.

You can get the beta here:


I'll give it a try. Just downloading the beta right now.

The problem still exists in 13.2 beta. Although selecting a table in DopDown style takes much longer for the right side to refresh. It takes more than a second in DropDown style while it changes more or less instantly in TreeView style. But that's another story. :slight_smile:

I'll prepare a screen recording. How can I send it to you?

I just sent you a private message.

I sent you an e-mail.

Incase anyone is following this:

This only happens in the following situation:

  1. You nave triggers on your tables (the longer the trigger code is, the more likely error is to occur)
  2. In SB-Tables-Columns, the Seq/Trigger column has not been disabled with the column selector widget in the top-left corner of the grid.
  3. This option is checked: Options -> Schema Browser -> Data Tab -> Highlight columns populated by sequence/trigger pair

If anyone else experiences this in 13.1 or prior, disable the options mentioned above.

It will be fixed in the next beta.