Schema Browser - Viewing Synonyms- Get Out of Memory Error

Toad for Oracle Xper 32 bit, - Connecting to Oracle 12c.
We just upgraded from 11g to 12 c. When attempting to navigate to the “Synonyms” (everything else works fine) tab in schema browser, Toad hangs up and does not display anything within the synonym box and we receive “Toad Error: out of memory” error. We also receive “USER@DBNAME: Not Enough storage is available to process this command” error. When clicking okay on both of these errors, toad will display 10 “Application Error: Exception EOutOfMemory in module Toad.ece at 0000C137. out of Memory”
Has anyone experienced this and have a resolution? Thanks!

I just tried SB-Synonyms in Toad 12.10 on a database and didn’t have any problems, even when I included public and loaded about 35,000 synonyms into SB.

I have occasionally seen data dictionary views out of whack after an upgrade. I wonder if you have a cartesian join somewhere in dba_synonyms.

the query that we use can vary a bit according to your options and privileges, but the basic query for private synonyms in your schema should look like this:

Select s.owner, s.synonym_name, s.table_name, s.table_owner, s.db_link, null object_type
from sys.DBA_SYNONYMS s
where s.synonym_name is not null
and s.owner = :own;

try pasting that in your editor and running it and see if it works there.

That query works! I can even grab everything when commenting out the criteria in my editor.

Hm, OK, so it’s not the query.

With older versions of Toad, sometimes leaving spool SQL on for a while caused the "Not Enough storage is available to process this command” error. Was that on when you had the original problem in the SB? If so, does problem go away without spool SQL? If that’s it, it was fixed in a more recent version of Toad - 13.0, I think, but I’d have to look it up to be sure. It was unrelated to the query itself.