Toad 15.1 Out of memory error

I clicked on the schema browser, selected SYNONYMS and selected another schema then Toad became unresponsive. After a few minutes I got the out of memory error and checking the Task Manager I see Toad has eaten up all my memory.


Very strange indeed. If you haven't already opened up a support case, see if you can reproduce this issue a second time with the same steps, but before doing so, turn on Spooling and see if we can't identify what Toad is submitting to the database that is taking so long. This will give you and the Quest Dev team some insight as to what's going on.


When it happened it trashed my system so I had a hard time doing much of anything. I managed to get the screen capture using Snip & Sketch tool but then that hung as well. Fortunately Snip & Sketch keeps a copy in the clipboard so after killing the hung processes I was able to paste from the clipboard into my post.

I don't think I did anything I haven't done before. Toad 15.1 has been running fine since it was released otherwise.

Something changed in our data access layer that broke this. It's been fixed for next beta (should come out tomorrow). In the meantime, if you load synonyms, try to keep the filter set so it loads less than 500 of them and I think you'll be OK.

There is a workaround on this link if your SB synonym filter is set to load public synonyms.

My filter is set to only load Private synonyms in the current schema. Is it the number of synonyms that trigger the defect or is it Public synonyms itself?

I can reproduce the problem. Unfortunately the spool file was empty because I had to kill the process before it trashed my system.

The schema that triggers the problem has 532 synonyms. Viewing synonyms with SB always hangs Toad with runaway memory usage.

It is the number of synonyms. 500 is the magic (cursed?) number.

It is fixed in the beta that was released this morning.