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Schema Browser???

I have use schema browser on Toad. It’s hangs while query table, but I can used sql plus. What should I do?


Are you working with databases with a large number of objects?

I use TOAD on many different databases. Toad works well on all except 2. Both of those databases are Oracle 8 and have tens of thousands of tables and views. For those two databases, opening TOAD is very slow (over 2 minutes), and the first display of tables in the schema browser is extremely slow (up to a minute). If I wait, TOAD will eventually display.

Once these things get loaded, TOAD works normally.


If you want to prevent the schema browser from loading lots of objects when you
first open it, you can go to Options -> Schema Browser -> Left Hand Side,
and check “Show Filter Dialog before refreshing”. This will give you
a chance to limit the # of objects loaded before any query is executed.