Toad hangs while opening tables tab in schema browser


Using the schema browser, I opened the 'tables' tab in my 'Logon Schema', then Toad went into a hang.

I had to use windows task manager to end the task. No Toad.el file was created.

Please see below for a copy of what my screen looked like when it went into a hang.
(the screenshot was produced after restarting Toad)

Kind regards,
Abe Kornelis.

It sounds like there is a slow running query. Try this: Rt-click on Tables, choose “Filter”. Under “Tables to hide”, choose “Object Tables”. This will result in a faster query. Also, before you click OK, uncheck “Load date created & Altered”. That will result in one less query. Click OK and try to expand the Tables node again. If it’s fast, you can go back and recheck “Load Date Created & Altered” again and see how much difference that makes.

If this solves it, you might try making sure that your DB’s statistics are up to date. You can do that by running this in the editor:



Granularity => ‘DEFAULT’

,Options => ‘GATHER STALE’

,Estimate_Percent => 10

,Method_Opt => ‘FOR ALL COLUMNS SIZE 1’

,Degree => 4

,Cascade => FALSE

,No_Invalidate => FALSE);





No_Invalidate => FALSE);




thanks for getting back to me. It seems not very likely your analysis is correct.

I let the hang last for (much) more than 5 minutes.

After I restarted Toad, the action of opening the very same tables tab executed in ca. 1 second. The performance differences seems a bit large to attribute to randonm fluctuations in system load or access path generation.

As far as your advice goes, the DBA is probably going to kill me for attempting to do that.

We’re talking about a live production system…

You might be right, you might be wrong. I’m not too sure about it. Thjat’s all.

I understand, with the niformation currently available, it will be hard (if not impossible) to diagnose the issue. Hence my question if I can do anything to make Toad log more info while it is running. In hopes of finding useful clues when analyzing a hang.



Well, now that I have this new information about after a restart it works in 1 second…yes, my prior reply was not the solution.

If it happens again, one thing you can do is start up another copy of Toad and find your hung session in the Session Browser. If its status there is “Active”, that means the query is still executing.

If something is going wrong in Toad, and Toad is hanging, then your CPU is going to be at 100% (or 50 for dual core, 25 for quad, etc).

If neither of those are the case then it’s possible that your connection has been lost. Usually this won’t hang for so long though and it will result in an error message.