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Schema compare - disable auto format code in scripts



I have Toad for SQL Server Professional.
How to diasable auto formating code in scripts after schema comparing?
I want to leave my original code.


Hello bartosz.chojnacki!

Unfortunately, you can't change auto formatting in schema compare scripts. I created task 1. TSS-1654 for it. We will add thea same functionality like in Editor for formatting

In any case, during compare Schema Compare uses original code. Auto formatting uses only in presentation



Thank you for reply.
TSS-1654 will be add to SQL Server or SQL Server 7.0 beta?
When can i except TSS-1654?
SQL Server 7.0 beta not working for me - Schema Compare hangs and crash when comparing


Could you provide more details about the crash?
Support Bundle or/and schema snapshots of databases

TSS-1654 will be implemented next few weeks, I suppose


Hi bartosz,

Could you send Support Bundle or/and schema snapshots of databases to us? that will be very helpful to reproduce issue for us.