Schema Compare - Inclusion Options - AND NOT

Toad for Oracle Xpert 12.6 with DBADMIN add-in module.

Under Schema Compare Inclusion Options, I know how to use a semicolon to separate logical OR conditions. Now I want exclude a few criteria by switching it to NOT AND NOT AND NOT … I tried checking the NOT box and using the semicolon, but that does not work.


Check “Only Extract Object Names Like”

Check “Not Like”

Enter multiple values in the edit box like this: THIS;THAT;THE_OTHER

When I turn on spool SQL, I see this in one of the SQL statements:

AND queue_table NOT LIKE ‘THIS’

AND queue_table NOT LIKE ‘THAT’

AND queue_table NOT LIKE ‘THE_OTHER’

Thanks John, that worked. I actually tried that before, but I was expecting it to do something additional that it wasn’t intended to do.

You’re welcome. Let me know if there’s something that you need it to do that it won’t.