Schema diff is flagging all date columns in views

Databases are both 19.16 RAC PDBs on 2 different Exadata racks.

Running a diff between Staging and Production environments and expecting minimal diffs. Have tried this with 2 pairs of Staging & Prod databases with the same results.

The diff results under "objects which differ" -> "view columns" has all date columns listed with "Differs By" data length.

Drilling down on an entry pops-up a dialog box that states that the differences originate in the underlying objects of the views and not the views themselves.

There were no table diffs listed in the results.

Need some assistance to determine where the difference lies.

BTW, I get the same results on 16.1, 16.2, 16.3 and the 17.0 beta using both the 19.16 and 19.18 Instant Clients.


Hi Doug,

There is some difference in dba/all_tab_columns that Toad is seeing. Look there and I think you'll find it.

You can probably uncheck one of these to make Toad ignore those differences.