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Schema export bug

If I use Object Set filter in Schema Export function then Toad doesn't export source code of Triggers. The Object set list contains one concrete trigger and a couple of other Procedures. Under Object types the following types are checked : Procedures, Functions, Package specs and bodies , Triggers And Views.

Assuming that you're using "Generate Schema Script" utility (under the Export category of the Database pull down menu) then I can reproduce... will need to get Dev to flag here.

Sorry, I missed this message this morning.

I don't have time to look at this now, but I logged it in our internal system so I'll remember to check it next week.

yes, exactly. it was generate schema script.

I created some screenshots about the issue . Thanks for checking it.

Hi Tamas,

This worked OK for me with Toad 14.0 and the current beta. Can you provide some more details?

Here are some screen shots of my test:

I can reproduce this now and will fix.
It happens with 1 trigger and 1 table or view in the filter.