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Screen Shift

When running scripts (bunches of them) that scroll way off the page (not the results, the scripts), when I run one I have scrolled to the top of the screen the page shifts and puts the beginning about 3 lines up from the bottom. Most of the script is off the page (Very, very, very, very annoying, I kept running a script I had already ran because it had shifted back down into the screen). Now I was doing inserts and Updates not selects so That might have something to do with it?

Hi Dale,

Do you mean that each time you put the script you want to run at the top, but after running it jump to the bottom, looks like the screen shifted, is that the case? If so we have story #SQLNAV-1226 for it already.



I think so, just to clarify, when it jumps to the bottom, the first line of the script is at the bottom even though it started at the top. Now the F8 functionality I think works as expected, so don't break that, this is F9.

Thank you Dale, clear now what you meant. I will follow the story and let you know if there is any update. Thanks.