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Script not working in scheduled mode


I have this bug for a long time, but no time to explain it.

I have a master script, that is looping on dataset (databases server adress), to modify and lauch a sub-script.

When the master .tas file is opened in TDP and the Run button is clicked, everything works fine.

When the master.tas file is closed and when i try to launch it with the “execute” menu option of Project Manager, it fails.

When the master . tas file is scheduled, it fails again but the log file is different !

I’m using TDP 3.2 on Oracle databases.

Help !

BotrunSQL4Feuille.tas (9.4 KB)

ScriptV2_SQL4_Test(Execute mode when tas is closed in TDP).log (74.3 KB)

ScriptV2_SQL4_Test(run mode when tas is opened in TDP).log (178 KB)

ScriptV2_SQL4_Test(Scheduled mode).log (15.4 KB)

ScriptV2_SQL4_Test.tas (25.6 KB)


There is an outstanding CR on the subject of running another automation script does not work in scheduled mode (CR104152) There isn’t any work around. We will try to fix for this release.

For now I would suggest moving the executiong of your script into your main automation file. Instead of using a Run Automation script acivity, use an exeucute ecript and if statement based on the number of rows returned.