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Recently upgraded to 12.10, imported 12.5 settings, Editor formatting is screwed up

I recently upgrade to Toad For Oracle 12.10. I previously had 12.5. Prior to the upgrade I saved my 12.5 Toad settings. After upgrade I imported them. I noticed many things changed with the settings in general - items moved, changed names, etc, like Syntax highlighting

Anyway, I just opened an Oracle package that I had been working on and the formatting is all screwed up. Script is indented much further than it was originally and extra spaces in whitespace areas. I never used auto-indent or tabs in my code, just simple 2 spaces for indent. Not my code is hard to read.

I am trying to figure out if there is some new setting(s) that somehow overrode the settings that I used to use that might have caused this reformatting of my code.

If anyone can shed some light on this I would appreciate it.

Do you have the option enabled to format files when opened on the Editor|Open/Save page in Options? I would verify your Tabs and Indentation settings on the Editor|Behavior page as they are used now for the formatter too. In the past the Editor had its own options and the formatter maintained a different set for the same.



The Open/Save Format Files option was not selected.

I checked the Formatter settings and some of those were different. Perhaps the import of my prior settings did not actually work.

I think I have things squared away now.

I had to manually correct some of the issue and hoping they do not surface when I open another object that was created with the prior version.


I think I have things squared away now

Do you mind sharing what the issue was? If you don’t have the option to format selected and your file contains spaces and not tabs I can think of no other reason that your file would have indentations differing from how they are in the file’s raw text.