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Scrollbar disappears after return from View Difference (v6.5)


I have noticed an issue with scrollbars where you are in a code editor window that has a vertical scrollbar, and then invoke the View Difference function, then close the View Difference window which returns to code editor and the vertical scrollbar disappears.

I have only noticed this in version 6.5.

See before and after shot attached.


Hi Adrian,

I can reproduce what you mentioned, it seems only happen in Win7 environment.

I will raise a CR for this problem and let you know once it is fixed.

Thanks very much for reporting this.

Thanks & best regards,

Hi Adrian,

It would relate to the screen refresh issues in some environments. The work around for now is to click another tab in the same editor (you can open a new tab) then click back the current tab to force the refresh, you should see the scroll bar again.

Thanks and regards,