Scrollbar missing in Object browser


I am not seeing the scrollbar while trying to select 'Object Types to Compare' in Database>>Compare>>Schemas>> (after logging in) Options>>Object Types to Compare.

I just need to select the Tables, Sequences, Triggers and Indexes. While some of these objects are shown, the remaining are at the bottom of the displayed window and there is no scrollbar to see and select the other Object types.

How do I resolve it?

The snap cap you provide looks like an older version of our Schema Compare facility.

Can you upgrade to the latest version of Toad? We’ve made some changes in the Compare interface, and I’m almost positive you won’t see the scrollbar issue.

Looks like what you are seeing is a bug with DPI > 96. Should be fixed in the current version. And if you can’t get the current version you can get past it by going back to 96 DPI.

In WIndows 7, this is Desktop -> Rt Click -> Screen Resolution -> Make text and other items larger or smaller. 100% and it will look normal.