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Search in the Toad Data Modeler chm file doesn't work


I opened the Toad Data Modeler chm help file and I wanted to search for "git". I clicked on the search tab and I entered git, pressed enter and I got "No topics found".

Then I moved to the Index tab and luckily, git was in index.

Can you fix the chm file to enable searching on the Search tab, please? I've built chm files before and the Search functionality works nicely.


what version do you use? I tried insert git to search and I got three results. See picture

I tried it for version TDM 7.3

Petr - weird. I tried it on a windows 10 & my windows 2016 dev vm and it's the same behaviour. The search doesn't work.

I used windows 10: Version 10.0.19041 Build 19041

I just took a look at the top bar of your help window, it's blue. It looks like an older version of windows. What version of windows did you test on?

Hello Bog,
sorry for this defect. It is now registered by Issue TMB-3709 and you can track it in next release notes. It will be fixed in next version. As work around please use web help located at

Regard Petr