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Toad Data Modeler doesn't run on my Windows 2012 R2 vm


I just downloaded version 6.3. The VM runs the McAffee antivirus. Clicking on the link or buttons doesn’t work. I connected to this VM over the RDP.

Any ideas?


Hello Costabas,

Could you provide more information?

  1. What exactly version do you have? (6.3.?.?)

  2. If “Click here” link doesn’t work could you please look to folder “C:\USERS\XXX\AppData\Roaming\Quest Software\Toad Data Modeler”? There should be file TDM.el or TDM.elf with erro log. Same as is display after link “click here”

  3. You can start TDM with START-LOG parameter from cmd. In this case you need permission to write to folder where is Toad Data Modeler installed, because in this location will be create log file.
    cmd command:
    TDM.exe Start-Log

You can see some useful details in this blog



Hi Costa,
I’ve already seen the same bug. Clicking a link or a button does not work because there probably is another dialog running in the background and it is hidden behind the splash screen. Try switch to the hidden dialog using Alt + Tab, then Win+Alt+Space launch the dialog menu a select Move - then use your cursor keys to move the dialog. After that it should be possible to see and save the error report. Please send us the report together with a screenshot of the hidden dialog.

I’m not sure why but I think it might be cause by a missing default printer. Can you see whether your virtual machine has got a default printer set? If not, then please try to set one (e.g. MS XPS), reboot and launch TDM again.


David, that was it, the Printer Spooler service was not running. I started it and now Toad starts up.

Thank you so much!