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Toad Data Modeler - Not responding


Toad Data Modeler has been behaving very clunky since I installed it.

Often the applciation is taking 10 to 15 minutes to draw controls on the screen when going between windows.

I also see black squares where dirty areas are.

If I type in text in a comment field there is 30 seconds of lag between my keyboard and the text appearing on screen.

The worst is it is taking the application about 30 minutes to close when I exit.
It isn’t saving my model, I am simply exiting. Sometimes it doesn’t respond at all.

What could be some things to check?

Windows 7
2 Gigs of ram.
Plenty of HD space.


It’s strange.
First thing - TDM is not officially supported on Windows 7. It shouldn’t cause any troubles, however, it can’t be ruled out.
Let’s try to find out why it happens.
Have you modified the default look of the application (config files)? - Settings on Workspace, grid, grid size (too dense) etc.

In any case, the first step we suggest is to use default config files.

  1. Close TDM.
  2. Go to:
    C:\Documents and Settings\user\Application Data\Quest Software\Toad Data Modeler (default location).
    Delete the directory.
  3. Open TDM again.

Note: Layout of TDM you migh have customized, will be lost.

Then please be aware of the steps you take and which of the steps makes it worse.
Probably, the problem is caused by particular action, or in particular model.

Thanks a lot for the details.




The “C:\Documents and Settings” directory does not exist on Windows 7
Windows 7 has C:\users

I do have:
C:\Users\cpisz.HOMENETWORK\AppData\Roaming\Quest Software\Toad Data Modeler\Installation 2

But there is alot of stuff in there so want to make sure that is the directory to delete.



I need to check it out. I’ll confirm it tomorrow.




Yes, I confirm the path in Windows 7 is ok. So, please try to delete the Config files and open TDM again then.

Reading your other post, I’d say that you work with several quite large models. You do not close them and therefore when TDM opens/closes, it takes pretty much time.
Let me recommend the following: When you finish your work on the model and are going to close TDM, please close the model(s) too. All the opened models are listed in the Application View. So, right-click the model name | Close Model.

Also, I should mention here that in v. 3.4.16 there was a problem/bug during the application shutdown. This problem was fixed in Beta So, if you try the latest Beta, the shutdown performance should be faster.

Please let me know if it’s better now. Thanks.



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Still very slow, although it is better when one model is open.

The model I am working with is quite large. Our database has 2108 tables, however I believe that is fairly typical for a business this size and the target audience is businesses for the product…

It is taking roughly 15 minutes to open that model and about the same to close it.
The file size when I looked at it is 45 MB. That’s not too terribly big if it just loads it straight in, but I have a feeling it does alot of processing as it is loading, at least process explorer thinks it does.

Test Machine:
Intel Core Duo E6600
6 Gigs DDR2 800mhz
Sata 3 - 500Gig, 7000RPM
Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit.

I don’t know. But if my vote counts, I’d rather have very large files and less processing when loading if my assumptions are correct. HDDs are cheap, time is precious.

I haven’t got the beta, but do let me know when it is available again. Love to try it and see if some of my problems go away.

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thank you for yoru feedback. Of course, your vote counts :slight_smile: We work on performance improvements continuously. Next version will contain some improvements, however, in general, work with large models won’t be as fast as work with smaller digrams (BTW: I tested several high-priced competitive tools and results were sometimes even worse - e.g. diagram was not drawn at all).

Thanks again for your suggestion ("…I’d rather have very large files and less processing…").