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Seeking advice on how to prevent creation of field captions when generating an Access database

I’ve looked but haven’t found any option or guidance on how to prevent the generation of field captions when creating an Access database.

Use of captions in Access is a nightmare - no matter what alias you choose to give a field in a query, Access persists in using the field’s ‘caption’ value, if one exists. This then allows two or more query columns to have the same name - which for the unwary (like my clients) can be a confusing show-stopper.

(Yes - I can create code that removes them once I’ve built the database…but happy not to explore that option. And yes, I could modify the DDL (VBA) before I run it to prevent the caption from being created. But, I’d rather a toggle option in TOAD.)

Thanks for any advice


Hi Greg,

I've created a new enhancement request (TDM-2816) to add option to generate / don't generate captions in Access. It could be in some of the next TDM versions.
Btw. If you modeling query / view in TDM there should not be any problem because views uses only name of columns. See the attached screenshot.



Excellent, thanks David - much appreciated; I’m sure the option to de/activate field Captions will be welcome.

Can I suggest it be toggled “off” by default in line with ‘separation of concerns’ and abstraction best practice – adding alternative names of things intended to help users, like this use of captions in place of field names, should be restricted to the interface/presentation layer, and not the data layer - in my opinion (this is a Microsoft Access design issue of course, but I think we should resist persisting with poor design).



This has been implemented in version 6.3 which can be downloaded at

For more information about this release please have a look at the Releases Notes at