Select multiple occurrences in Editor

tl;dr Feature Request: Select multiple occurrences in Editor

A feature I use a lot in code editors is the select next/previous/all occurrences - where you highlight some text, then press a keyboard shortcut to select multiple occurrences of it, so you can change them all simultaneously while also having multiple cursors if you need to make similar changes on multiple lines.

This is referenced in this article - - the workaround does not work, as clicking Find All will highlight them all in the screen, but does not actually put cursor(s) at the highlighted lines. Specifically, looking to select multiple lines with multiple cursors.


Not sure if bumping is appropriate, but wanted to keep track of this feature request somehow - is there a ticket tracker or anything?

Not sure if the code is any kind of open source, but I'd be willing to work on this feature myself if so - I use TOAD all the time, and it would be very handy.

Usually the post here in the Idea Pond is the tracker for a time. Once an item gets traction it will be logged in our Jira. This is a good request and I will log, but it will be some time before I can get to it.

Not sure if the code is any kind of open source

Toad's editor uses Scintilla which is open source, but there's nothing to be done in there for this issue as Toad does not use Scintilla's search functionality.

Gotcha, thanks for the update!