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Selecting Distinct Values of a Column in Master-Detail Browser



I like to know how to select distinct values of a column by using filters (or other features) in Master-Detail Browser.

Specifically, suppose I have opened a table with 5 columns in Master_Detail Browser and I wish to view the distinct values of one of these columns.

Naturally, I can do this by writing a simple SQL query but I like to know whether this is possible by using a filter or other method.




Click the Filter/Sort button (looks like a funnel). On the filter tab, choose the column you are interested in seeing distinct values. Then click the ‘…’ button


Thanks. That’s interesting. I had noticed that but I thought distinct vlaues could be part of filtering criteria rather than clicking on … icon.

Nevertheless, it serves the purpose for a single column. But how do you get distinct values for more than one column using this feature?


It only works for one column at a time. That feature is really meant as a way to filter a column on a certain value, but I thought it might be helpful to you for this.


OK. It would be useful if Toad considers to add that feature. Thanks again.