Session browser not refreshing as defined -

I’ve a few long running processes that indicate current status with dbms_application_info package.

after setting a filter for my OSUser, I do not see any refresh until I kick it in manually.(both check boxes are checked and interval is set to 5 sec.)

I just tried setting it to 5 seconds and it refreshed for me. Sometimes it’s hard to tell if it’s doing anything. The best way to be sure is watch the “Last refresh” on the bottom status bar, and also turn on Spool SQL. Sometimes even with Spool SQL it can be easy to miss, if it’s the same SQL getting fired over and over again. You can CTRL+A and DEL in the Spool SQL Output to clear it and watch for the next SQL to roll in.

A disconnect might cause it to stop auto-refreshing, even if it reconnects after. If that happened, close and reopen the Session Browser.

John, it was exactly the reason,