turning off auto-refresh in the session browser panel


I just noticed the auto-refresh on/of button and the auto-refresh interval have been moved to reside under the refresh icon on the top icon bar in the session browser panel.

This worries me: in thepast I have had situations where auto-refresh was on at 5-second intervals and the system was so slow that each refresh took at least 5 seconds.

During the refresh input was blocked, so it was very difficult to turn off auto-refresh!

Now I’m aware this kind of situation is hard to test: I wouldn’t know how to force this situation in my own environment.

Does anyone know whether or not this kind of situation still may occur? And if it occurs, is it doable to open the little pull-down and turn of auto-refresh while the refresh is still executing? If not, we may have a problem here…

Kind regards,
Abe Kornelis

I just set it to 1 second and didn’t have any problem changing it after that. For me, the little refresh pull down was open during several refreshes and it still worked. If you have problems, let me know.


thanks for testing. If this is ever going to cause any problem, I’ll post a report.

bes regards,