Setting processor affinity?

We are using Toad for Oracle 10 in a terminal server environment with multiple developers utilizing Toad in separate terminal sessions.

Our server has 4 quad-core CPUs (16 usable cores). I am noticing that Toad only uses 1 of the cores for ALL users who log into the terminal server. (see the attached image) Is there any way to set the processor affinity for the Toad process to allow it to use more than 1 core, or at least a random core for each new Toad process that starts?

Any help is appreciated.



By your description, I’d guess you have the Toad executable installed on
the server, and everyone runs it from there. Additionally, I’d guess the
options setting for the Toad installation has:

Options -> StartUp -> “Allow multiple copies of Toad to be
loaded” -> unchecked

If you get that checked and saved to the option file (don’t know if you
need all current instances of Toad closed for this to trigger), you may find the
CPU behavior to have changed.

Roger S.