TOAD Windows Terminal Server

Hi, I want install TOAD SQL for Windows Terminal Server. And users will connect with rdp on server and use this TOAD SQL program. Which license i need have any documentation about this. Thanks


You should call sales or support about this.

This forum is just for informal bug reports/feature requests/technical questions. It is not an official support channel. We don't handle licensing questions here.



Important what John said... use the links he provided to speak with Quest Sales or Support... installing Toad for SQL Server on a terminal server can be done (we have customers that use Toad with this same set up) but two important items to call out...

  1. Because Toad operates on a per seat license model, any user accessing the terminal server will need to be licensed to use the product.

  2. Configuring the terminal server properly for a mutli-session/user environment is a must. Each Toad user will need his/her own compute space, since users could make changes to configuration settings, desktop profiles, etc. It's a good idea to check the Toad for Oracle release notes for the minimum requirements regarding memory, storage, etc.