SEVERE BUG: Losting script changes

I spent considerable time working on a script, and used the ‘Accept modifications’ menu item many times, thinking it actually saved it somewhere. When running a script which hung (for no good reason) and had to kill TDM, it was ALL LOST. Totally unacceptable - and there is no “Save” anywhere that I can see which would have indicated that it was safely written to disk.

I am really growing to hate this tool. At an absolute bare minimum somebody with an excellent grasp of GUI designs should do a total makeover of the whole thing, especially in such a way that there is absolute certainty that things have either been saved or not.


thank you for your feedback. We have been working on significant rewrite and UI modifications and the next version will contain various UI enhancements. Currently our focus is on basic forms, e.g. entity, relation, attribute and menu items and toolbars.

The item Accept Modifications in Script menu is a bit confusing - it does the same what button Commit does (it allows you to commit changes that will not be stored to package, this option is for immediate confirmation of changes that will be applied during script execution - in short, in case you wish to write something to Log/Message Explorer temporarily and in next script execution something else should be written to log etc.) In next version, there will be only option SAVE that will save the script and package to your disk (considering you have sufficient rights to save the package to the location).

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