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Shared Workbook files with auto-connections failing

In testing we have found on Toad Workbook when a workbook file is shared with a connection set to auto-connect it is corrupting the Transform and Cleanse module. If a file of this type is shared the receiving user is able to set the query connection to their personal connection with no issues. When the first Transform and Cleanse is reached in the process the system is prompting for the auto-connection login information in order to complete the process. Since the receiving user does not have this information they must cancel past this or try to enter their login information. The outcome is this Transform and Cleanse ends up being blank with no data passed in. Due to this subsequent steps do not process correctly. Thus far we have seen this behavior with two workbooks.

As a workaround we have found if we do not use auto-connect connections there does not appear to be an issue with sharing workbooks and the new connection is easily selected and used. When we do have a workbook that is shared with auto-connection and the author is not available to share a new copy we must recreate all the steps starting with the first Transform and Cleanse and save the file with the new connection on the destination system.

While this issue is not critical as we have an effective workaround it is one that I wanted to get out there on the forum.

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MUCH appreciate you bringing this to our attention. Our Dev team will surely take a look at this. You may be asked to furnish some details, especially if we can't re-create the issue.