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Shift+Ctrl+R shortcut missing

I have new version of toad(
and cant find function Shift+Ctrl+R(Uses the ALIASES.TXT file to substitute the alias with the associated table name) in shortcuts.

This was removed in Toad 12.7.


If I ask my software admins install an older version is it required new license key?

Hi dmitriy,

No, reverting to an older version of Toad should not require you to get a new license key. Your existing key should work with the older version.


Thank you. And where can I get version older than 12.7?
is it support oracle 18c?

Hi dmitriy,

You'll probably need to contact Quest Support for that. You can reach them here:

As for your other question, Oracle 18c didn't exist at the time Toad for Oracle 12.6 and older was released, so it won't be officially supported by Quest. That's not to say most things won't work. Toad for Oracle 12.6 was released in September 2014. At the time, Oracle 12c R1 was the current version of Oracle. As a result, while most things should work just fine, any new features that were added to Oracle since that time will most likely not have any support within Toad.


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