Shortcut key problems in Editor

I'm unable to toggle Bookmark 0 with the dedicated shortcut key (default). Goto Bookmark 0 works fine with shortcut.

Toggle Word-wrap with Ctrl+Shift+P is not working for me at all. If I set the function to a different key combination (Ctrl+Shift+ő), the word wrapping works.

I'm using Hungarian keyboard layout.

#1 may be your Keyboard settings for switching keyboard layout. By default it is assigned Ctrl+Shift+N. I always have to clear this setting when I set up a new box as it interferes with setting bookmarks in Delphi, too. I'll need to test your second issue with a Hungarian keyboard.

I will log item 2 and it will be fixed in next week's beta. Ctrl+Shift+P is mapped to Print Preview by default; however, even if you clear that conflict in Options it does not work. Under the hood, the Print Preview action has the shortcut directly mapped vs. strictly using the key mapping seen in Options.

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Hello Michael!

Thank you for the feedback!

In the first case you were right: after configuring the Windows settings, the toggle bookmark 0 operation with shortcut key is also available to me. I'll check the second issue in the next beta.