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'Show difference details' grayed out on schema compare


I’m using Toad for Oracle Xpert and ‘Show difference details’
is grayed out on schema compare. I have used this in the past, but
probably not since I upgraded to Toad 10. Is this a licensing issue?



Is the dba module an ‘add on’?

John Dorlon wrote:

  1. Do you have the dba module

    1. Did you select an object in the ‘objects that differ’ node?

If no to either, that’s why.

If yes to both, will you send me a screen shot?


DBA module is extra charge


Ok, I had the wrong key

Erwin Rollauer wrote:

DBA module is extra charge


the functionality is included in your install so it is not an add-on. Your
license unlocks it. If you go to Help–>About do you see DB Admin Module under
the version number?