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Compare Schemas - problem editing/running Sync Script


I have Toad for Oracle Xpert, version for Win 64-bit.

Choose the menu item:

Database --> Compare --> Schemas

Choosing a source and a target schemas from the same connection and run the comparison.

Choose the Sync Script tab. The script is displayed, but the buttons on the top are disable, including:

Save, Move to Editor, Move and Run.

Also the Copy is disable.

So I can’t to edit and to run the script

Any help will be appreciated!

Thanks ahead


In Toad 11.6 and prior, the DBA Module was required to use the sync script. Starting in 12.0, either the DBA module or the Xpert edition gives you access to the sync script.

Hi John,

Thanks for the answer!

I didn’t find the product “DBA module”. How I can fix the problem?

Thanks ahead


Sorry, it’s actually called “DB Admin Module”. It used to be called “DBA Module” - I still call it that most of the time!

It’s not a separate product. It’s an option on your license key. I don’t know if you can still buy it for Toad 11.6 or if you’d have to upgrade. A sales rep should be able to help you with that.