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Which modules/ add ons for schema compare with synch scripts

Hi, First post :slight_smile:

I need to be able to use the Schema Compare functionality of Toad for Oracle including creatuion of the synch scripts, but only want to buy the minimum required license in order to do that. From what I can tell I need :

TOAD for Oracle Base edition + DB Admin Module add on.

I dont want or need the whole DBA Suite and besides its a bit cost prohibitve anyway.

So my questions are:

Am I right in my assumption for the modules and add on I need?

And also, how much are these currently in GBP? I can see base edition cost on Quest web site but not costs listed for DBA Admin module.

I have tried contacting Quest 3 times now with no response, 2 emails (last week and week before) and a phone call to local offices this morning.