Show Graph Bar missing for datafiles view


The Release 10.5 of Toad for Oracle seem to have removed the “show graph bar” option from datafile view. This option has been very helpful to me in the past and it is dissappointing that it has been removed from the newer version ot Toad. Can someone confirm that this is in fact the case going forward with future releases?

Thanks in advance,

No, it’s still there.

If you are in the schema browser, and you want to see that info on the RHS when
we’re displaying the list of all tablespaces , go into the filter options
and check ‘include usage info’.

If you are in Database -> Administer -> Tablespaces , the graph bar is on the
‘space’ tab, and there is a checkbox to enable it if it’s not
visible I don’t think it was ever on the ‘files’ tab.



I use toad for oracle expert ver.

oracle 10g connect; no problem.

oracle 8.1.7 connect ; Access violation at address 6761794B in module ‘ORA805.dll’. Read of

Any ideas anyone?

The first thing I’d try is an 8.1.7 client to go with that 8.1.7 database.
Looks like you are using an 8.0.5 client.