Copy data from data grids in 17.1


just installed TOAD 17.1 and I experience problems with copying bunch of data (few rows&columns resp. multiple cells) from data grids in schema browser.

when I want to select set of rows/columns/cells that I want to copy out by mouse or by keyboard, it behaves quite weird way

  • for some tables I'm always able to select set of cells
  • for some tables I'm not able to select more then 1 cell at all, whatever I try
  • for some tables it sometimes works sometimes not. if it stops working I usually have to go a table(s) where selection always work and return back to the table of interest, and it somehow manage to get working
  • for grids that shows some other info like column list, indexes, stats... it usually behaves so that a cell where I start selection stays highlighted, and there appears something like 2nd cursor in the grid highlighting one other cell (not a whole area as it used to) that follows mouse movements. buut at the end just starting cell gets selected

I cannot find a difference among tables that might have caused that, nor any option what might have controlled that...

any ideas???


Right-click the grid to enable/disable "Row Select"

it selects whole row, but still allows to select just one row (on those "worst" tables)


What about if you right-click and choose "Reset columns"?

reset + restart + reset seem only to restore correct operation.
one or the other on its own makes no difference

thanks for help


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If you want to reset all of your Schema Browser Data grids, you can do this:

  1. Shut down Toad
  2. Delete all of the TableName.TNI files under C:\Users\YOUR_WINDOWS_USER_NAME\AppData\Roaming\Quest Software\Toad for Oracle\17.1\User Files\Databases\DATABASE_NAME\DB_USER_NAME\TABLE_NAME.TNI

If you want the Schema Browser Data Tab grids to not remember their settings at all, you can turn that off in Options -> Schema Browser -> Data Tab -> Save layouts

ok, thanks for hint