Shrink problem (last longer then before)


Toad x64
Oracle client : Oracle EE 12.0.3 x64
Oracle server: Oracle EE 12.0.3 x64 (other server) with ASM
Windows pro SP1 x64

When I run shrink datafile (tested on Apex 4.2 with 2800 objects, but similar time on any other datafiles) Toad in that time is completely unresponsive:


After a long time (cca 9 minutes) I get the result:


This was not the case in previous releases (11.6.x) … so I wonder why is it now?


Damir Vadas


Now I tested the same thing against local database (no ASM) stored on SSD disks.

Timing was pretty different cca. 1 minute …

So seems to be issue against that server … not Toad fault.

For me case closed.


Damir Vadas